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CTC Bike Tour Leader Award course in India Day 7

The course concludes with some Exodus-specific training and a lot of photocopying for me!
Sunset over Kochi

Exodus guide training

Today's course for the trainees was specific to the provider Exodus and involved a lot of looking at how to best implement procedures, meeting clients' needs and setting expectations.  This meant that I had some paperwork, reviewing and photocopying to do, along with a brief break period - phew!

Amazing thing of the day:  I walked past an 11,000 volt substation, all caged off, with a guy sleeping on a bench inside it, leaning up against the transformers!  Buzzing wasn’t the word!

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CTC Bike Tour Leader course in India Day 6

Riding skills and double dosa orders at breakfast made a great combination.
Figure of 8 group riding

Double Dosa Day

Masala Dosa.  One great breakfastWith last night's requests for breakfast choices resulting in a few of the Sri Lankan contingent putting both their left and right hands up, there were extra Masala Dosas for breakfast - a double dosa day - for some, to great amusement of the more diet volume restrained of the group.

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CTC Bike Tour Leader in India Days 4 and 5

Starting with loads of examples of leading, managing the group and dealing with incidents out on the road set the group up to practise these options and get feedback. All great fun and really positive learning.
Chinese fishing nets in Kochi.

Examples of leading day

Reached the Chinese fishing nets and the main square of Fort Cochin. Looked out to the sea and in the 400m gap between us and the mainland were a pod of dolphins feeding. Swimming gently against the tide they were hardly moving relative to us.  The pod was pretty big - and spread almost from side to side. After a short while of watching, a few popped up only about 50m from us curving over as they dived.  Quite a special sight.

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CTC Bike Tour Leader course in India Day 3

It's time to meet the team and start the learning on the Bike Tour Leader course. With 14 on the course, the trainers, Olly and I, were keen to find out about the experiences and desires of the trainees.
Trailside maintenance training and discussion


Intro and group riding day

Today is all about setting the course out and providing great examples that the guides can use. It's always great to hear their opinions and experiences - what works for them and why. Of course, it's also good to hear about why things don't quite go as expected too! 

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