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Bike Test: Budget City Bikes

Transport cycling can be affordable even when it requires a new bike. Dan Joyce tests the Revolution Courier Race and Vitus Vee 27, both under £400. This review was written by Dan Joyce and first published in Cycle Magazine in August 2014.
Vitus Vee 27
Judging by what I've seen around universities lately, the typical student bike is a cheap hack: an old mountain bike or a second-hand hybrid. Students don't have much money, and bike theft tends be high in university cities. Even if they're getting a new bike, it makes sense for it to be basic and affordable: a roadster, like those we reviewed in the June/July 13 issue of Cycle or a budget hybrid like one of these city bikes.
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Boy stuff: cycling, the prostate and erectile dysfunction

Riding a bicycle can aggravate the prostate and cause other health problems in men. The design of the standard bicycle seat can rub against the prostate during the pedalling process. A comforatble saddle is key.
A comfortable saddle is the key

Prostate anatomy and problems in cyclists

A healthy human prostate is classically said to be slightly larger than a walnut. It surrounds the urethra just below the urinary bladder. The prostate can enlarge to the point where urination becomes difficult.


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Front child seats

Some fans of front child seats are indignant that CTC apparently damns their choice with faint praise. So here's my explanation of why we're not against front seats, but would encourage parents to consider a rear seat first.
Family cycling in the Netherlands

The attractions of a front seat are obvious. The child is right there, sees all that you see, sharing the experience of cycling in a far more intimate and stimulating way than when seated behind your bum. In front, they may even seem more protected, sheltered between your arms. You could grab and protect the child if anything bad happens, right?


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Lots of brilliant lights, but still illegal!

It’s that time of year again, when the bikeshop window fills with bright and shiny twinkly winky things and the cyclist protection racket (“Buy one of these kid, or you’ll be sorry!”) goes into overdrive!
Picture of lights and indicators st, no longer made.

This weekend the clocks go back, so if you’re not already coming home from work in the dark, on Monday you surely will be and in addition to whatever else you may have been persuaded to festoon your bike and person with, to be legal you will need:

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Put your unwanted bikes and bits to good use

The bike or spares you no longer have a use for could be helping to fuel a local community project that restores bikes, salvages spares and provides a valuable training opportunity.
Restoring a bike

As the national cycling charity, CTC wants to see more bicycles available to the public, more individuals skilled in maintenance and repair and otherwise unwanted materials put to good use.

We want to publicise projects where donated bikes and spare parts are given a new life whist providing employment, training and volunteering opportunities.

So, you have an old frame or a pile of random spares that you’ll never use... it seems a shame to throw them away... you would rather they were put to good use..."

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Bespoked 2013

The UK Handmade Bicycle Show has quickly grown to become a fixture on Britain's cycling calendar, so I thought it was time I took a look at it.
View of Bespoked Show through frame of Condor Fratello bike

We had hoped to publish a brief report of Bespoked in Cycle, the CTC magazine, but no space for that in this month's issue, so here are even more pictures (and words) of lovely bikes and bits than we would ever have found room to print.

In August it’ll be 100 years since Harry Brearley discovered stainless steel in Sheffield, whilst looking for a higher melting-point material for gun barrels. Coincidentally, the latest, strongest steels for frame tubes, Reynolds 953 and Columbus XCR, are also stainless.

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RoadHawk Ride HD Bullet Camera review

The RoadHawk Ride seems to have something of a cult following amongst cyclists, especially after extensive use in the BBC’s documentary, the 'War on Britain’s Roads'. After two weeks’ use, this is what I thought...
Review of the RoadHawk Ride Bullet HD Camera

The Accessories

The Ride camera comes very neatly packed into a nice little box filled to the brim with adapters, power cables and varying mounts. It is clearly designed to accompany any mode of transport offering an array of flat stick-on mounts and Velcro grips.

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An Electric Bike Network for the Chilterns

The Chilterns are soon to be the latest tourist area to host an Electric Bike Network so, as a local, I decided to give their electric bicycles a spin.
An Electric Bike

I am a small lady cyclist, and I had turned up for my taster in jeans, so I wasn’t giving the Electric Bike Network (EBN) an easy job of satisfying my needs from the outset, and when they presented me with a medium-sized male-oriented mountain bike complete with full saddle bags, I looked at them sceptically.


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A guide to buying the best cycling presents

What Christmas present do you buy for the cyclist who has almost everything? Editor of CTC's magazine 'Cycle' Dan Joyce has some suggestions for amazing cycling gifts.
CTC Cycling Santa by Joe Burt

Cycling gifts for children are easy to choose: it’s a straightforward progression from balance bikes onwards, with bikes and kit regularly outgrown. It’s harder with adults who have been cycling for years. Anything they desperately need they will have bought already.

The trick  is to find something that they wouldn’t necessarily have – or at least, not yet – but that they will appreciate and will still find useful.

Reading girl returns to restore a classic

Laura Brooks wanted a new bike, but couldn't afford to buy one, so with the help of a CTC project in Reading she learnt the skills to help her tranform an old racing bike into a beautiful classic.
classic bicycle

CTC Cycling Development Officer Javed Saddique has launched a new project in my home town of Reading. The scheme, which is based at Reading University helps to  teach people basic bike maintenance and renovation skills to fix up a second-hand bikes.

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