How to influence CTC Policy

CTC is rightly proud of its 130 year history as a membership organisation, the largest and oldest of its kind in the UK and one of the largest in the world.

The organisation believes that one of the consistent factors in its success, and the respect with which it is held both by cyclists and by the organisations we both work with and try to lobby, is because it is governed by an elected body of members - volunteers voted into office by the members.

It is also fortunate to have an active and committed network of active members who work for CTC and cycling voluntarily, commit huge amounts of their time to working for CTC and cycling and who play an important role in informing the council of the needs and wishes of members, and holding both council and staff to account.

Because CTC is the most visible of the national cycling organisations in the campaigning arena, our work is also heavily scrutinised by a wide group of stakeholders such as the cycling media, other groups, organisations and industry, and we are respected and trusted in that arena by the vast majority.

Comments on a policy can be made through the CTC magazine letters page or the message boards of this web site but these are not considered “formal” approaches. To make an official comment you should write or email the Chief Executive at CTC Head Office who will direct comments to the relevant staff or councillors, or you can approach a councillor directly. You may then want to get directly involved in the work or delivery of a relevant policy committee at a local, regional or national level; skilled knowledgeable volunteers are always welcomed.

Call for motions

Members are notified that motions for the AGM must be received by the Chief Executive at CTC Head Office no later than 1st February of each year. Motions must be in writing and accompanied by the name and signature of a proposer and seconder who must both be full CTC members. Anyone requiring help or advice on motions is encouraged to contact their national councillor or the Chief Executive. Copies of standing orders for the AGM are available on request and the CTC Articles of Association can be seen on the CTC web site in the “About CTC” area. 

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