Right To Ride to School


Right To Ride to School

There are many excellent programmes designed to promote cycling to children – such as Bikeability and Bike Club

But there remains a persistent problem. Many schools undermine efforts to encourage cycle - e.g. by refusing to provide cycle parking, or by insisting on helmet rules. Typically, these schools will claim that it is "too dangerous" to let pupils or their parents decide for themselves whether they wish to cycle (or to do so without a helmet). Some even resist efforts to improve cycle safety in the surrounding area. All of this merely worsens the problems of congestion and danger on the local road network.

CTC's Right to Ride to school arms parents and children with the knowledge and skills to help overcome any attempts to restrict cycling by schools. Our toolkit provides advice and tips on how best to influence an intransigent school.

Recent Campaign Activity

Children cycling to school
Cycle-friendly schools and colleges (CTC views) Campaigning Views
Schools and colleges should encourage cycling because it's good both for children and for the local and wider environment.
Providing Bikeability cycle training is crucial to create a cycling culture
Put cycling on the National Curriculum News
Although cycling is the third most popular activity amongst children and a crucial life skill, only half of all children have access to good quality Bikeability cycle training. CTC members have urging that all schools provide cycle training as part of the National Curriculum.
Wiggins winning the Olympics Time Trial
The Olympics and me Blog
Just a few seconds into watching the Olympics and I can’t help rewinding to sports and games at school, but before I tell you whether my mind finds any pleasure in these reflections, I must state that I’m all for physical activity as part of school-life and wish it well.
Mike McKillen, Mai-Britt Kristensen and Roger Geffen at Stormont castle
Talking cycling to Northern Ireland’s politicians, planners and the public Blog
Wednesday was one of the most meeting-packed days I can remember, with 2 Ministers, one parliamentary select committee, a presentation to some traffic planners, a visit to a cycle-friendly school and a public meeting all in one day!




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