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People jumping for joy
Jumping for joy on a CTC course!
We all have core reasons for making choices: time and circumstances, for example, are important factors that are bound to influence our decisions. This section is designed to help you determine your choice of course provider. It explains what CTC is about, who we are, and what others say about us.

Who we are: CTC Training has a multitude of staff and Trainers (Our People) working collectively to benefit you and all those involved in cycling. We share our knowledge, understanding and ethos widely and co-ordinate so that our learning is passed on through the whole network to reach you, wherever you link in.

What CTC is about: read more about Our Principles, ethos, mindset and ideology. It informs what we help you achieve and why we are motivated to enable and extend your opportunities.

What others say about us: don't just listen to what we say - we have plenty of Testimonials from our customers to help you identify the really good bits.

The really great bit is that these all continually shape what we do and how we do it. Join us and you can be part of it.

In This Section:

CTC's Instructor Trainers at their regular winter sit with a snowman session
CTC is rightly proud of its courses, and we know that a substantial factor in making great courses is the person delivering it. Our Instructor Trainers are not only superbly qualified through vast experience, practice and training, but they also exemplify CTC's 'open to learning' mindset.
A child cyclist gives the thumbs up gesture
As part of every course, we carefully and independently review what we do, and how we perform. These testimonials are voluntarily and anonymously contributed as part of those reviews.
Trainees on a CTC course jumping for joy
Principles. Ethos. Mindset. Ideology. Whatever you call it, it is CTC's backbone. And our ethos is all about you. We maintain our beliefs based on modern educational practice, on being learner focused and on providing you with the skills, experience and tools to fulfil your role properly.

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