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The Guardian - 30 November 2012

Cycling groups and MPs condemn BBC1 documentary about road users by Peter Walker in The Guardian. Programme titled The War on Britain's Roads accused of endangering cyclists by stereotyping them as reckless

Roger Geffen, policy director for national cyclists' group the CTC, said they met the film's producers a year ago and provided statistics showing a long-term increase in cycling safety. He said: "Instead of covering this good news story the BBC has instead chosen to portray cycling as an activity solely for battle-hardened males with helmets and cameras. This hostile stereotyping merely scares mums, children and others back into their cars."

The Guardian - 2 August 2012

Bradley Wiggins London 2012 triumph brings boost to British cycling. Olympic gold medal and Tour de France winner's growing celebrity status sparks growth in UK bike sales and popularity

Many people who are trying riding for the first time, they're not doing it to race...The great thing is cycling's just fun. It gives you a sense of joy and freedom, and I think a huge proportion of those who are taking it up for the first time are just going to fall in love with it."

Gordon Seabright 
CTC Chief Executive

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