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Billie Fleming
Tribute Ride success is a Billie bonus News
More women look sure to be cycling this year – thanks to a legend who set a world record way back in 1938. CTC members were among the hundreds of women who took to their bikes throughout 2015 in memory of Billie Fleming, who rode the greatest distance ever cycled by a female 78 years ago.
A girl riding a bike
Free Bikeability courses at Thrive events across England News
CTC has teamed up with the Crown Estates as part of a series of summer events called Thrive, designed to make healthy living fun.
Health Rides - great for all ages and abilities
Electric bikes set to put spring in your step in the Chilterns News
CTC is giving cycling in the Chilterns a boost this spring with electric bikes, a new cycle hire fleet and rides galore packed into a new cycling guide. Sara Randle shines a light on the Cycle Chilterns Bike Hub in Great Missenden.
Group cycling session in action
Jasuben's story - Learning to ride at 65 Case Study
Jasuben had been wanting to join her husband on family rides for many years but had never had the opportunity to learn to cycle until she heard of some adult cycle sessions run through CTC's Cycle Champions project in Leicester. Now, she's not only cycling but she's gained lots of confidence too.

Project Objectives

  • Our Continued Commitment

The securing of continuation funding from BIG Lottery  will ensure that  the experience of the CTC Cycle Champions Programme is continued, and extended wherever and whenever possible. CTC will continue to provide cycling for health projects. 

  • Our Experience

The experience of running the champions programme has given CTC the opportunity to introduce cycling for the purposes of a a healthy lifestyle, not only physical wellbeing but also for mental health, through the expertise of the Cycling Development Officers based regionally throughout the UK.

  • Our aim

The promotion of a healthy lifestyle by cycling will support the campaign driven policy delivering key evidence based messages.

  • Why cycling and health?

Cycling is excellent exercise. More cycling will help more people meet the recommended physical activity guidelines, improve their physical and mental health and well-being, while reducing their risk of premature death and ill-health.

Cycling is far more likely to benefit an individual’s health than damage it; and the more cyclists there are, the safer cycling becomes – the ‘safety in numbers’ effect.

Cycling fits into daily routines better than many other forms of exercise, because it doubles up as transport to work, school or the shops etc. It’s easier than finding extra time to visit the gym and far less costly.

Lack of exercise can make people ill. It can lead to obesity, coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke, cancers, type 2 diabetes and other life-threatening conditions.

Obesity in particular is a growing, costly burden to the health service. Without action, 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children will be obese by 2050 in the UK.

CHD is the UK’s biggest killer – well over 90,000 people die of it each year with over 33% of these attributable to lack of physical activity.

Unlike driving, cycling causes negligible harm to others, either through road injuries or pollution, so it’s a healthy option not just for cyclists, but for everyone else too.

For more information and evidence on the above points, see CTC's campaigns briefings on health and road safety. We also produce a briefing on promoting cycling in the health sector. For other CTC campaigns briefings, see our campaigns briefings index page.




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