About CTC's Local Cycle Campaigning Network

Join CTC's local cycle campaigning network
Join CTC's local cycle campaigning network
Do you attend your local cycle forum, respond to planning consultations, or participate in a group that promotes cycling? Or is this something you'd like to do?

CTC's local cycle campaigning network is UK-wide and made up of CTC members who become officially accredited to CTC and campaign on the organisation's behalf.

Its members range from very-experienced campaigners with wide interests, to novice and/or single-issue campaigners.

CTC aims to support and help all of its volunteer cycle campaigners to grow and expand their campaigning capabilities in ways that are appropriate to their interests. We value the exposure that local cycle campaigners can bring to the organisation, and we appreciate that many big changes start small – on the local level.

The specifics

CTC Local Cycle Campaigners specialise in one, two, or three types of cycling: on-road and transport, off-road and countryside access, and the integration of cycles with public transport.

As well as being experienced cyclists, many CTC members have a whole host of skills they could bring to the network. For example, they may know about town planning; have knowledge of the legal system; have worked in a local authority or as a councillor; experience as a cycle instructor for children/adults or of working in the community.

CTC encourages cyclists from all walks of life to become cycle campaigners and help develop hubs where various skill sets can be brought together for the advantage of cycle campaigning.

There are 2 levels of cycle campaigners:

CTC Local Cycle Campaigners

These are CTC members who represent us in their local district/borough. Usually, these authorities do not have highway responsibilities, but it is the job of CTC's rep to look after cyclists' interests in the area by, for instance, vetting road schemes/developments and by alerting the Highway Authority (usually the County Council) to issues that need to be addressed. Reps with 'off-road' interests will consider matters relating to local Rights of Way, countryside access and off-road networks; while those with interests in public transport may want to look at access to stations and stops, cycle parking at them and taking cycle on services.

CTC Cycle Campaign Coordinators

CTC is keen to be represented at English regional level too and its equivalent in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In keeping with the changing geographical subdivisions in England, CTC is encouraging campaigners to become Local Co-ordinators (formally known as Regional or County representatives) to establish campaigning in clusters. This helps local campaigners react to issues as flexibly and comprehensively as possible, drawing on the particular skill sets of the campaigners in that area. While we already have a number of people who operate for us by promoting internal network liaison amongst our local campaigners, we need more!

Post-holders must be experienced campaigners with in-depth policy knowledge and the ability to present CTC in a professional manner.

We would like to hear from anyone who feels that they could fulfil this role, or sign up to aspects of it, as we need to ensure that CTC is fully and effectively represented at this level.

Beyond these two broad areas, what you chose to do is largely up to you. If you need guidance, you will have access to advice and support on campaigning issues and tactics from the staff at CTC National Office.

How to join the Right to Ride network

CTC's Local Cycle Campaigners are authorised to represent the organisation to their local authority or other bodies. You are expected to sign an agreement of honour to signify that you are happy with CTC policies (as set out in our Campaigning Views) and that you will operate in accordance with set standards.

If you are thinking of joining our Right to Ride Network, please Join Today.

Alternatively, please download an application form (see below), complete it in and return to CTC via post:CTC, Right to Ride, Parklands, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 9JX. Or you may wish to send it via email.

If you'd like a chat about it all first, please call our Volunteer Support Officer on 01483 238323. Please note: in order to apply to the Network, you must be a CTC member.

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