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International Cultural Module

International cultural module
The International Cultural Module is designed to enable qualified Leaders to transfer their qualification to a different region or country. Currently applying in many European environments, the Cultural Module focuses on the specifics of the region to ensure your understanding and capacities to work

With the principles of group management, risk evaluation and preparation similar (and transferable) across all countries, the Cultural Module looks specifically at those areas that do require local knowledge:

  • legal factors - roles and responsibilities in that country; limitations that may apply
  • navigation and rights of access
  • weather and local effects, as well as local and CTC (previously OTC) qualification specifications of limits
  • emergency procedures - how the emergency response services operate and what is expected of you
  • communication, the essentials of language and operation



8 hours over a single day

Course outcomes

CTC (previously OTC) has staff based within Europe on a permanent basis, as well as staff with extensive experience of other world regions, hence having an in-depth knowledge of many regions in order to create a range of country-specific Cultural Modules.

Courses are provided throughout Europe during the season, both for the general mountain bike public (open courses) and for companies and organisations (special courses). Where you attend a course based in Europe, it is specific to the country of provision. Moving to a different state means gaining the knowledge provided through a cultural module for that state.


Please contact the Courses & Training Helpline to find out if this course is available for booking: 01483 238 337

What you need

Prior to attending you will have:

Work in Europe with your OTC qualification

  • completed any CTC (previously OTC) Leader qualification
  • provide a logbook of personal rides (12 different routes, 3 geologically different areas) in the applicable country
  • A valid and appropriate First Aid certificate (or obtain one shortly after your course).

You should also:

  • Have gained the capacity to communicate to a sufficient degree in the local language, or a widely used alternative
  • Have used and understood the local maps

The Cultural Module is equaly applicable to Trail Leaders as to Advanced Leaders: as long as you are an CTC qualified Leader, you may attend.

What next?

The Cultural Module in itself does not progress you towards additional training or qualifications, other than those already applicable to the level of CTC Leader Award held.




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