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Group crossing bridge on a private course
CTC can organise tailor-made courses for you
If you can't get to any of the venues or dates listed, we can provide a private course for you. All you need is a group of suitable trainees, a venue with appropriate facilities and riding and a date or two.

Not able to make any of the public courses listed?

Got a group of four or more like-minded people who are all looking for the same course?

Got a suitable venue with appropriate riding on the doorstep and meeting room / classroom facilities?

Then we could come to you and deliver a private course.

What is a private course?

Private courses form about 75% of all the courses CTC delivers.  They are designed to provide you and your colleagues with the right qualification from your base or location.  Essentially, instead of you coming to us, we come to you.

Virtually all of CTC's courses can be delivered privately.  All courses have specific requirements in terms of riding and facilities, some being a little more specialist than others (Skill Instructor, for example).  To discuss these , please contact us directly.

How do they work?

Basically, we coordinate with you to deliver your course directly.  You receive the same course to same high standard that we deliver across the country as public courses, and your course will undergo the same rigorous reviews, inspections and support to ensure our renowned quality and delivery mechanisms are retained.

A detailed process diagram is available in the Bespoke Course Procedure download at the bottom of this page.

We recommend at least 2-3 months' notice between enquiring about your course and it actually running.  This helps ensure you and your colleagues' diaries can be kept free for the agreed date and we can undergo the appropriate checks and preparation to make your course fulfil all your needs.

Why set up a Private Course?

Private courses offer several advantages over public courses, where appropriately used:

  • its your course - we work with you to shape the course contents, dates and location to suit, around the framework of the qualification
  • your existing venue or base may be used (provided it fulfils the course requirements), reducing the burden of your colleagues' travel, food, accommodation and time
  • private courses can work out a lower cost per person.  We charge a flat fee per Trainer, so the more people attending (up to the ratio limit), the lower the cost per person.  With a full course of 12, you could reduce your cost per trainee by as much as £150 per person
  • the course can use your local area so particular tips and tricks in and around your regular riding routes can aid your future activity delivery
  • you can choose your preferred date for the course.  With 25 trainers and a bit of notice, we can fulfil virtually any date(s) of your choosing; midweek, weekend, term time, holiday periods, bank holidays are all available.  We do make exceptions for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year though!
  • we cover the UK, and the world.  Our Trainers are widely distributed across the UK and Europe, so we can get to any venue there easily.  We also work worldwide, and have provided courses as far afield as Canada, Cuba, Egypt and India.

Who can access Private Courses?

  • If you have a group of colleagues looking for the same course, then you can set up a private course
  • This could be a company or organisation, a group of friends, employees or volunteers
  • We provide private courses for a multitude of local authorities; multi and single site companies and activity providers; active holiday companies; schools, colleges and youth organisations; clubs and trail building groups.  In fact any group of like minded people who are all looking for the same qualification.

More information

There are downloadable documents at the bottom of this page to explain more about Private Courses.

  • Private Course Information guides you through the detail of what Private Courses are, how many people can access them, what is required of venues and which courses can be delivered in the Private format
  • Private Course Procedure shows the steps in setting up a Private Course from enquiry
  • Expression of interest form.  No commitment from you, but sets us both up to look at the detail of what you might need and when.

Speak with us

Of course, you are likely to have specific questions and even just want to discuss options and preferences with us, so feel free to contact us.  Dan and Ruth at the Training Office can help with your queries.

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