Public Pressure

This section covers tactics designed to pressure decision-makers publicly and to stimulate and demonstrate widespread demand for change.

Public pressure can give you a high-street presence, raising awareness of your group, and allow you to manufacture news stories. These tactics can be fun, effective and fully legal, but may sometimes have legal implications. If contemplating a serious action you should:

  • Consider the legal situation and contact a lawyer for advice if appropriate.
  • Consider whether these tactics are appropriate and productive in a particular campaign or whether they will simply damage your relationship with the subject and the public.
  • Don't overuse these tactics. They are powerful but can be blunted by repetition.

In This Section:

These can take place anywhere and in many forms, from a silent vigil to a march through the town centre to the council's offices. Demonstrations can show public support and catch the attention of key people.
To take direct action is to directly effect the people responsible for the issue which you are campaigning about. Many effective direct actions are perfectly legal, but direct action can stray into legally grey areas
A Critical Mass is a high profile regular ride around an urban route. It is intended to attract an ever-growing number of riders, who through strength of numbers are visible and assert their right to be there.

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