CTC Cycling Event Manual

CTC Cycling Event
CTC has created a best practice guide for organisers of cycling events, club rallies and camping.

The CTC White Guide represents CTC best practice for the organisers of club rallies, rides or camps.

How to use this guide

  1. Everybody should read Planning for Safety
  2. Choose the chapter(s) relevant to you: Rallies, Camping or Rides
  3. Refer to Health and Safety Topics in Detail as necessary


  1. Introduction
  2. Planning for Safety
  3. Camping
  4. Rides
  5. Rallies
  6. Health and Safety Topics in Detail: includes sections on Catering, Children, Communication, Entertainment, Fire Safety, Lighting and Electrical, Major Incidents, Marquees, Grandstands and Barriers, Marshals and Stewards, Medical and Welfare, Public Health, Refuse, Sanitary Matters, and Transport Management

You need the White Guide

Health and safety. The very words bring to mind the so-called nanny state with its overzealous bureaucrats and acres of forms to complete. News headlines scream out silly examples: firemen can’t use stepladders (they may fall), holiday resort bans palm trees (the leaves are sharp) and schoolchildren mustn’t play football (they may get hurt).

However, the moment you think of running an event yourself the immense responsibility is suddenly pin-sharp. From fire to flooding to food poisoning (that’s just the Fs), the “what-ifs” can keep you awake at night.

Your overarching duty is to prevent exposure to risk as far as reasonably practicable without incurring disproportionate costs or taking unnecessary precautions that cause people to miss out on opportunities for fun and exercise.

CTC wants you to think of the White Guide as a comprehensive toolkit. We want to lead you by the hand through the jungle of advice and legislation, so you can pick out the bits relevant to you. We want you to run a good event that everybody will enjoy – and for you to have an experience you’ll want to repeat.

So who are ‘you’? The White Guide is aimed at CTC staff or members (volunteers) organising any event of whatever size. We assume that “you” are the event organiser, the leader of a group of people running an event. You may also be reading this because you are one of the event team.

To hold a high quality event you will need good planning, management, liaison and organisation. Each event is unique and you will need your own mix of management, services and provisions.

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