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Technical Mountain Bike Leader

Riding up the long meadow towards the mountains of Slovenia
The Technical Leader Award covers the vast majority of useable mountain biking access within the UK and Europe.
The Technical Leader Award enables you to lead and guide groups into technical and demanding mountain bike terrain. Rocks, roots, lumps and bumps, moorland, open ground and forest form the environments for Technical Leader groups


24 hours over two and a half days or over three days
Technical riding which means lumps, bumps, rocks and roots.
Combined Training and Assessment

Key content

CTC's Technical Leader course is central within the mtb leader schemeExtending your knowledge and skills from your Trail Leader, the Technical Leader Award enables you to move into technical and demanding riding.

Technical Leaders are widely skilled and able to take advantage of the majority of mountain biking available - its scope is amazing. Many employers, insurers, participants and leaders look to the Technical Leader Award as the benchmark of competence for complete mountain bike leading.

This course covers both hard skills such as riding, navigation, maintenance and emergency management and the vital soft skills of working with and developing your participants to increase their confidence and abilities.

Technical Leaders cover all environments - they can be anything from holiday guides, teachers and youth workers to multi-activity instructors and those running their own mountain biking businesses, whether in the UK or further afield.

What next?

Technical Leaders may go on to take the Advanced MTB Leader Training Award or MTB Skills Instructor Courses.

Technical Leaders may also benefit from the Go MTB Leader and Instructor Orientation course.

The International cultural module adapts your skills to other EU countries.


Please contact the Courses & Training Helpline to find out if this course is available for booking: 01483 238 337

Available courses

Date Course Venue Link
13 Nov 2015 Dalby Bike Barn Details...

Course outcomes

This is technical terrain

Our expectations are high, but with our support they are achievable: once you are a Technical Leader you will be competent at:

  • riding in technical ground, including identifying what you shouldn't ride
  • managing your group in technical ground: developing skills, identifying hazards, supporting and managing your group
  • navigating accurately and in detail
  • sorting out mechanical incidents with a wide variety of trailside repairs and fixes
  • motivating, engaging and educating your group members
  • delivering skills development sessions for your participants as part of rides
  • all the areas you covered on your Trail Leader Award, but to a greater depth and breadth - ride preparation, managing emergencies, anticipation of circumstances, self-reflection

You will also have access to CTC's unrivalled Technical Leader Award course resource enabling extensive understanding and reference for all aspects of leading groups.

Overall, the Technical Leader is a great course that makes a great difference to you and your groups.

What you need

Prior to attending you will have completed:

  • Either the Trail Mountain Bike Leader Award or the Fast Tracker Award
  • A logbook of led rides in trail terrain (minimum of 6, but evidence of 20 or more leader experiences) and 12 personal rides (covering at least three geologically different areas) in technical terrain
  • We recommend that you hold a valid and appropriate first aid certificate (or obtain one shortly after your course).

The Technical Leader course requires that you have moved on significantly from your previous courses. You will also:

  • Have furthered your concept of navigation to be able to identify your location at any point on a cycle accessible route or right of way
  • Have gained a concept of additional maintenance skills such as gear indexing and limit screw adjustment, brake adjustment, pedal and crank fitting, rider ergonomics
  • Be 18 years of age or more

Prior to your Technical Leader course attendance, you will be required to submit:

  • your completed logbook
  • a completed question paper

Therefore, late applications to this course are not accepted.


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