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In 2010, market research company Mintel published a ‘market intelligence’ report on bicycles, following up on similar Mintel reports in past years. Here are its key findings:
  • 34% of adults in the UK owns a bike, but this is much higher (51%) among those aged 35-44 and lower (13%) among those aged 65+.  Cycle ownership is also strongly related to socio-economic status, with 42% ownership among senior and middle-ranking professionals (groups A and B), declining to 17% among those in long-term dependence on the state (group E).
  • 12% of adults cycles regularly (i.e. at least once a week), with 6% cycling most days. Males are much more likely to cycle regularly than females (16% male, 8% female). Regular cycling is closely related to age:18% of 15-24 year olds are regular cyclists, declining to 2% among those aged 75+.
  • Rates of cycling most days are much higher among those who read broadsheet newspapers (12%), people who have received higher education (10%) and those who shop at Waitrose (11%).
  • 42% of all adults think that “cycling is a great activity to do as a family”
  • However 39% of all adults think “It is too dangerous to ride a bicycle on the road”, rising to almost 50% among those with a household income of under £25,000
  • 10% think cyclists are a nuisance – but this rises to 14% among those who think “it’s too dangerous to ride a bicycle on the road”.
  • Only 2% say that “the success of British cyclists at the Olympics/Tour de France has inspired me to take up cycling”.
  • The main motivation for cycling, or being interested in cycling, is fitness (41%), followed by fun (31%), cycling on holiday (27%), environment (22%) and saving money (18%). But saving money is far more important among those aged 15-24 (30%).

Please note:

The most recent Mintel report on bicycles was published in 2013.



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