New Vision for Cycling: Doubling the Benefits

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CTC's 'New Vision for Cycling' sets out the benefits which doubling cycling (and halving the risks of cycling) would have.
Over a third of Copenhageners cycle to work - can we achieve the same?
Over a third of Copenhageners cycle to work - can we achieve the same?

Why do we need a ‘New Vision’?

If we want people to cycle more, we have to make it much easier and safer.

That means we must tackle the fears that stop people from cycling, or allowing their children to do so. These include too much traffic travelling too fast, irresponsible driving, hostile roads and junctions, and dangerous vehicles, especially lorries.

We also need roads, streets and neighbourhoods to be planned and laid out so that cycling is an obvious and straightforward transport choice – and a more convenient one than the car for short, local trips.

We want it to become easier for people going on longer journeys to combine cycling with rail travel and other forms of public transport.

And we don’t want anyone to forget that cycling is a fun activity too and a good way of getting out and about into the fresh air of the countryside.

CTC is calling for a doubling of cycle use in ten years. This would deliver:

  • Economic benefits of around £3.5 billion[3]
  • A one third reduction in the risks of cycling[4]
  • A saving of 0.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year[5]
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