Postcard Campaign

Pre-printed postcards that campaign members and the public can sign and send to highlight specific issues may help your cause. They generally have less weight than individually written letters, but require less effort on the part of the public.
  • Make the message is one that the maximum number of people can put their name too.
  • Make sure that it is addressed to the individual who has the power to tackle the problem.
  • If you are producing general-purpose cards (e.g. requests for cycle parking) with the address blank, provide some instructions.
  • Distribute as widely as possible.
  • Make sure they are properly focused, not a rambling demand.
  • Humour can soften your message.
  • Make the postcards eye-catching to the public.
  • Pick a popular issue; besides the expense of printing, if a council or company only receives one pre-printed card, it may undermine your claims to public support.

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