Working with Charities

Working with Charities
Working with Charities
CTC works with a wide range of charities and funds whose work makes a contribution to cycling and who use cycling to achieve their aims.

However, we only directly support three whose work is closely allied to the objectives of CTC’s members. We are able to offer these charities direct donations, support in kind and we run fundraising campaigns for them.

The CTC Charitable Trust

This charity carries out work in the fields of education and promotion of the benefits cycling can bring to society. It was founded by CTC in 2004. Today all CTC's public benefit work is carried out by the Trust and it is not separated from its parent (Cyclists' Touring Club) on this web site, both working as CTC.

Cyclists Defence Fund

The Cyclists' Defence Fund was set up to help resist legal threats to the rights of cyclists and is negotiating the final terms of its registration as a charity with the Charities Commissioners at the moment.

Its formation was prompted when an insurer sued the parents of child cyclist Darren Coombs for letting him ride his bike unsupervised when their client’s car hit him and left him with permanent brain damage. Cyclists from all over the UK pledged money to fight Darren’s case, and when the insurer backed down their donations set up the fund to prevent similar situations ever happening again.

Since then the fund has been highly successful.

The Defence Fund’s case panel includes some of the leading cycling lawyers in the UK who give their time voluntarily. Its involvement has caused insurance companies and their solicitors to withdraw unreasonable cases before they came to court. It has been able to offer small grants for research and precedent-setting actions.

Its current priority is to build up a big enough reserve to take on substantial cases without jeopardising all its reserves on single cases, and that those reserves will equip cycling with the resources to deal with legal injustices of all kinds.


Cycle Touring and Countryside Trust

CTC supports the work of the trust in its invaluable work in conservation, preservation, research and academic research into cycling and related fields. The Trust is a valued advisor to CTC on the maintenance of its archives and historic artefacts and its work with the Modern Record Centre at Warwick University has created the most remarkable resource in the National Cycle Archive.

Many individuals, organisations and companies have supported the work of the trust, in particular donating materials for the NCA collection.

Donations from CTC, its members and other cyclists ensure that the Trust is able to protect the much loved heritage of the bicycle for the future. At the CTC AGM in 2005 the National Cycle Archive held a special open day for visitors to see some of its remarkable collection.

  • Cyclists Defence Fund - Company no. 4787626
  • Cycle Touring and Countryside Trust - Charity no. 272792
  • The CTC Charitable Trust - Charity no. 1104324

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