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Re: British driver wipes out Pro riders

2 February 2016 - 8:06am
Could also be a hefty insurance claim, and that's just for the bikes. Don't know how they'll figure out loss of earnings though.

Cyclo cross Engine in Frame - have Sky news being hoaxed

1 February 2016 - 11:20am
Saw this at the weekend reckon its a hoax
http://www.skysports.com/cycling/news/1 ... or-on-bike
There is a lot of stuff getting into the news at moment which is Lazy journalism and I reckon this is just that

Re: British driver wipes out Pro riders

25 January 2016 - 9:11pm
Awful... Book. Throw it at her.

John Degenkolb would have been in coming into top form too in the approach to his Spring Classics campaign.

Re: British driver wipes out Pro riders

25 January 2016 - 7:14pm
Hopefully Spanish justice isnt as soppy as hed get back home.

British driver wipes out Pro riders

25 January 2016 - 5:27pm
http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/lat ... ion-208408

A British driver in Spain, driving on the wrong side of the road, wiped out 6 riders from the Giant-Alpecin team.

Brits abroad, eh?

Birdie ODonnell smashed hour record.

22 January 2016 - 10:38am
Well that was exciting, broke the record by 600 metres.

Edit: I did write Bridie ......I forgot to overrule autocorrect

Ticket for Track World Cup - London March 5

20 January 2016 - 10:17am
I have one spare ticket for the Track World Cup afternoon session at the Olympic Velodrome on Saturday March 5th. The seat is at the end of the bend before the start finish straight. For sale at the purchase price which I recall was £35. This event is now sold out. Any takers?

Re: Revolution series in Derby

31 December 2015 - 3:47pm
Hi PH. Erm...the same vanity project that has just 1(?)Olympics making £££,the rest made up by 'the silent majority' who 'the media have' are gasping for it(the Olympics this time). 'Labour/Conservative/Liberal voted for it'. That's why everyone's leaving these parties and has no faith in them or their 'esteemed leaders' anymore. The public have lost belief in 'their betters'

I am not quite sure where you got your figures from. Maybe the parties and advocates for this venture!? You may be right! I hope I am wrong. I am told we have won the war in Afghanistan,the armed services are above reproach on torture and rendition. I am told many wonderful things by those 'in government'. My own (very limited)experience is usually completely the opposite. Usually,somewhere down the road(20-30 years)the truth comes out. If there is an apology by those governing us 'on our behalf' and 'they've got it wrong' and 'found to have got it wrong',it's usually very weak. If someone is going to be called to account its usually well past their sell-buy date. Compo? Recompense? To those adversely affected? Usually none,or like the Kenyan tortured citizens,when they are reduced to 3 at aged 90. Your 'critique' of my own take of this venture is well made. My survey was that of possibly 4 Derby residents! I would like to go through your 'riposte' line by line with evidence to validate my own claims. Unfortunately I haven't got a lifetime to do this,and unlike government or council bodies(or Spinmeisters),am not getting paid.

My 4 Derby residents! thought the arena 'a waste of money'. I hope I didn't self select them.

The arena was empty and idle when I looked in: more employees than participants or spectators.

From past press reports(from poor memory)the Olympics had no beneficial sports uptake by GB citizens. The £££ 'wasted there' might well have gone to the Derby Venue to support it's citizens and sports participation. At least then some of the capital might have been spread around the country.

I am a curmudgeon.

Re: Revolution series in Derby

31 December 2015 - 10:59am
The council are considering handing over all three of Derby’s leisure centres to a trust or privatising them. This is a cost saving exercise and it's said a trust or private company would be in a better position to apply for grants and be at an advantage tax wise. I hope they don’t do it, but I understand the need to save money. IMO there is a need for leisure along with arts to be locally run for the benefit of local communities.
Derby Arena it isn’t just a velodrome, it’s also a 5,000 capacity venue, a gym and meeting place. The velodrome is very well used, by both locals and those out of the area. I’m not sure how well the other facilities are used though I hear the gym is busy. The Arena currently has a pantomime showing and it’s early days but should be better utilised, Derby has no other similar sized venue. It's in an ideal location, a short walk to the train station, not much further into the city centre, on a cycle route, has good bus links and is next to the large Park & Ride car park.
The Arena was built at a cost of 28 million, it has replaced another Leisure Centre that was well passed it’s sell by date. The plans for that site have changed after the proposed new City centre swimming pool were abandoned. At some point there is likely to be a sale of some land (Prime housing location) which will recoup some of the Arena cost. The subsidy the Arena receives towards running cost is I understand no more than that received by the centre it replaced.
Vanity project? Whose?? The Arena was proposed when the council was a Con/Lib coalition and reviewed when the council became Labour run.

Re: Revolution series in Derby

31 December 2015 - 8:36am
EMT(East Midlands Today)recently reported that Derby City Council were discussing plans to sell off this velodrome. I'm not sure how the process works: GB decides to invite Olympics to UK(lottsa £££ spent),Chief Honcho Mr Clean!! Seb Coe leads the team. Contract won, Derby City Council decides it will spend locals £££ on a vanity project to...promote,endorse,reflect(herein 350 pages of vacuous piffle)...End result(not scientifically evaluated)30 cyclists going round a track occasionally visited by 2,000 spectators x2 a year. Millions spent,basically a loss maker. After it becomes clear attendances are low and doesn't make any £££,sell off(at loss)to nebulous focus driven sports directive company(accounts and management unknown and unknowable). This firm somehow makes money(for its board)but loses money. Company nosedives,velodrome becomes a financial and architectural mess/eyesore,Derby residents then pay more to have it knocked down. Somehow, someone, somewhere makes £££ out of it,BUT NOT the city residents. I'm unsure of the algebraic expression but from my occasional visits to Derby and asking after this 'establishment' with the locals it must include a lotta 'f' words and swearing and the like. Maybe my survey didn't include cyclists! I think Clarkson went to school at Repton(near Derby)!

As an aside,and as a pub story,I well remember working in 'rehab'. Herein we had one of the most advanced woodworking and progressive woodturning lathe orientated workshops in the county. I never did understand all what it entailed. It was overseen by some 'master craftsman' himself qualified in X,Y,Z. Incredible! Incomparable! It was that bespoke and detailed...that no one(no client) was ever allowed into its room! 'Don' was the only qualified person to oversee it,and he was never there! Chippendale would not have qualified to get into that workshop! It closed some years ago!

Pooley returning for Rio

16 December 2015 - 6:54pm

Also Wiggins says he'll continue beyond next year.

Re: Junior TT champ admits taking EPO

15 December 2015 - 4:36pm
And once again - only sorry once caught

How many others...

Drug tests in sportives anyone?

Re: Junior TT champ admits taking EPO

15 December 2015 - 1:58pm
wow pretty shocking in my eyes and disgraceful to boot; that said lets hope he comes good out of the sordid experience. lol @ 'my intent was not maliciuos' !

Junior TT champ admits taking EPO

11 December 2015 - 8:08am
Gabriel Evans stripped of title after admitting EPO use;

http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/lat ... use-203450

International Paracycling in Manchester

10 November 2015 - 9:46pm
If anyone is interested in watching an international field of paracyclists, they are in action at the velodrome in Manchester this coming weekend (Friday 13th to Sunday 15th). And entry is free all weekend!

The tandem sprints, in particular, are a sight to behold!

More details

I will probably try to get along to at least some of the weekend.


Re: Welsh Cyclocross

10 November 2015 - 1:10pm
Yes, I'm guessing the North events are run under TLI rules and the levies are cheaper. Cross, despite it's popularity, is becoming very expensive. When I first started competing in the Notts and Derby league, about 12 years ago, it was £6 to enter (run under BCCA rules). It's now £18 if you turn up and enter on the day or £15 if you enter in advance. Of that £3 goes to BC (levy), £1 to the EMCCA, £1 to the Notts and Derby prize fund, £3 for your timing chip (non-refundable).

Re: Welsh Cyclocross

4 November 2015 - 5:25pm
Agree, Facebook groups should be open, especially if you want to get more people in.

At a guess I'd say levies and rider licence restrictions, the unsanctioned events should be a fair bit cheaper.

Re: Welsh Cyclocross

4 November 2015 - 1:43pm
There is a North Wales league which, to my untrained eyes, is well supported and well organised. There is a Welsh Cyclo Cross Facebook group, but it's a closed group. Why? Don't they want people taking part or getting involved?




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