New Vision for Cycling: Doubling the Benefits

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CTC's 'New Vision for Cycling' sets out the benefits which doubling cycling (and halving the risks of cycling) would have.
Over a third of Copenhageners cycle to work - can we achieve the same?
Over a third of Copenhageners cycle to work - can we achieve the same?

CTC has been promoting cycling at national and local level since 1878 and, after well over a century of campaigning and lobbying, we believe that cycling has never been more relevant than it is today.

Why cycle?

Cycling is fun, fast, flexible, free (well, almost!) and it keeps you fit. You don’t have to pay for a gym and you can save time by getting from A to B while you’re exercising.

But cycling also has many wider benefits. It helps improve not just our own health but also that of our streets, communities and the environment. It helps tackle everything, from congestion, pollution, noise, road danger and the school run to the twin crises of climate change and obesity. In fact cycling is a 'best buy'!

Why now?

While cycling can help meet many of today’s challenges, there are two that we need to tackle urgently:

  • We’re living under the threat of climate change and transport emissions are a major contributor. Cycling is one of the best ways of replacing the 60% of car trips that are under 5 miles.[1]
  • More and more people are suffering from health problems caused by being overweight and not exercising enough. If things don’t change, 60% of the population will be obese by 2050.[2] Cycling for everyday journeys, such as the daily commute or school run, is one of the best ways to increase physical activity.

We must get to grips with these issues, or we’ll be leaving our children to deal with the serious impacts of climate change and the financial burdens of treating more and more patients for obesity through the NHS. A renewed boost for cycling is the answer.

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