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CTC’s #funding4cycling campaign was designed to make cyclists voices heard by HM Treasury as it consulted ahead of the 2014 Autumn Statement.
Cycle helmets: the evidence
CTC wants to keep helmets an optional choice. Forcing - or strongly encouraging - people to wear helmets deters people from cycling and undermines the public health benefits of cycling. This campaign seeks to educate policy makers and block misguided attempts at legislation.
Safety in Numbers
The Safety in Numbers campaign aims to shift attitudes to road safety amongst government and local authorities.
25m long lorry in Sweden (proposed British ones are shorter than this!)
Lorries are disproportionately involved in the deaths of cyclists. The Department for Transport has granted a trial to allow longer lorries onto Britain's roads, a move which CTC believe will greatly increase the risk to cyclists.
Right To Ride to School
CTC believes that all children should have the right to cycle to school. Yet in some schools backward policies mean many children are unable to cycle to school.
Royal Mail cycle delivery
In 2010, the Royal Mail decided to scrap their fleet of 24,000 bicycles in favour of trolleys and light vans. Only a few thousand are now left and they will all be phased out by 2014. CTC objected and still objects because it's putting other road users at greater risk and is adding to emissions.
New Vision for Cycling
A doubling of cycling use in 10 years, coupled with a halving the in risks of cycling, would generate economic benefits of £3.5 billion and save 600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.
New Highway Code
The Government published a revised draft Highway Code in 2006. CTC were immediately concerned that the rules would undermine cyclists' right to use the road where a cycle path was provided. Following a sustained and high-profile campaign by CTC, over 40 rules were changed to the benefit of cyclists.


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