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Free Bikeability courses at Thrive events across England

26 June 2015
CTC has teamed up with the Crown Estates as part of a series of summer events called Thrive, designed to make healthy living fun.
A girl riding a bike

Thrive is coming to a retail park near you, offering shoppers a chance to have fun getting fit this summer. The free one-day events are taking place in ten towns and cities across England from 4 July through to 5 September and will be followed by Bikeability training sessions run by local cycle instructors. 


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Building bikes, changing lives

Suzanne Forup manages the Bike Club Scotland programme, which enables young people to take up cycling. A recent visit showed her that cycling can help young people in very challenging circumstances..
Young people and tutors on the BYOB course

CTC Assistant Head of Development (Scotland) Suzanne Forup, also works for Youth Scotland, where she has managed the Bike Club Scotland programme - a CTC/Youth Scotland partnership - for the last four years. Bike Club Scotland works to engage with young people who can find it hard to get cycling, for example young people with disabilities or from minority ethnic communities, and young women and girls from disadvantaged communities.

Boathouse Youth Blackpool

Back in 2009, the CTC community cycling offering was in its infancy and Boathouse Youth (BHY) was just beginning its work in the deprived community of South Shore, Blackpool, an area which is in the worst 1% of most deprived wards in the country.
Blackpool Boathouse Youth

Our Cycling Development Officer,  funded by the Department for Transport, was able to work with the staff at BHY to devise a programme of activities that would capture the interest of the young people and provide them with a fun and healthy activity which they could engage in straight from the youth centre door.  The programme was delivered in conjunction with local partners including British Cycling and the local council's Cycle Blackpool programme.

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From road safety posters to teenage cycling instructor - my journey to the CTC

Now volunteering as CTC's Communications Officer in Reading and offering cycle training to my fellow students at Reading University, I would like to share the story of my journey to being part of CTC.
Jonathan holding a poster of himself as a child

From a very early age I was thrust into the world of road safety. My dad worked for Sandwell Council, which meant I, along with other members of my family, often appeared photographed in road safety publications. At one time you couldn't go through the Sandwell area without seeing my photo plastered on the side of a bus reminding people to 'Belt up!'


Publication Date: 
May 2013
i-Contact, CTC's e-newsletter for cycle instructors
If this em
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Put cycling on the National Curriculum

Although cycling is the third most popular activity amongst children and a crucial life skill, only half of all children have access to good quality Bikeability cycle training. CTC members have urging that all schools provide cycle training as part of the National Curriculum.
Providing Bikeability cycle training is crucial to create a cycling culture

CTC has urged the Department for Education to change the National Curriculum to include provision for child cycle training as part of Key Stages 2-4.

Currently the physical education section mandates that swimming is taught, with the requirement that children learn to swim 25 metres.


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i-Contact November 2012

Publication Date: 
November 2012
Victorian ladies riding in formation
The revised National Standard; Teaching New Cyclists; a call to ban BMXs; drivers and cyclists cooperate; Victorian cycle skills; second sight; map your services; and a Birmingham hospital's cycle safety scheme.
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Keep the flame burning - an Inclusive Cycle Training course

Following on from the Olympic legacy, CTC - in partnership with Wheels For All - is delivering a National Standard Instructor course with an added one-day All Ability cycle leader course.
An all ability cyclist is fitted up for a ride

CTC is the leading provider of on and off-road cycling courses in the UK. Cycling Projects with Wheels For All are the leading cycling for health charity in the UK. CTC is very happy to be working in partnership with them to train instructors to be conversant with all types of disabilities.

The course is a one-day course delivered in conjunction with the National Standard / Bikeability instructor course in St Austell, Cornwall from 29 September to 3 October.


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Why won't cyclists take the lane?

The middle of the carriageway is often the safest position for a cyclist to be in on a minor or quiet road, or where the road bends sharply. But why do so many cyclists insist on keeping in to the kerb?
Riders keeping in to the kerb

Whether it's fellow members of CTC staff or random members of the public, I am often puzzled by the number of cyclists who insist on riding in to the edge of the road, whatever the traffic conditions.

Bikeability/National Standard cycle training encourages riders to take up 'primary position' wherever possible - that is usually in the centre of the carriageway in the direction of travel. John Franklin devotes several pages to it in his seminal work 'Cyclecraft'.


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